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Eyelashes Extensions

  • Mink Individual Lashes

    Mink Individual Lashes

    About mink individual lashes, it is very easy, even if you don't wear makeup, your eyes sparkle as if they were eyeliner.Read More
  • Human Hair Eyelash Extensions Black

    Human Hair Eyelash Extensions Black

    Eyelash length: 8/9/10/11/12/mm Eyelash thickness: 0.07mm Specification of siberian mink eyelash extensions: a box of 12 rows, one box of length, can be grafted 15-20 timesRead More
  • Siberian Mink Eyelash Extensions

    Siberian Mink Eyelash Extensions

    Eyelash length: 8/9/10/11/12/mm
    Eyelash thickness: 0.07mm
    Specification of siberian mink eyelash extensions: a box of 12 rows, one box of length, can be grafted 15-20 times
    Read More
  • Mink Fur Lash Extensions

    Mink Fur Lash Extensions

    We use the real mink fur which we imported from Siberia where is the most famous place to produce the best quality of real mink fur.We choose it one by one to do mink fur lash extensions.Read More
  • Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

    Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

    Product name: faux mink eyelash extensions
    Specification: box, one kind of length per box
    Process: pure manual
    Faux mink eyelash extensions
    Volume: J, B, C, D
    Read More
  • Real Mink Eyelash Extension

    Real Mink Eyelash Extension

    Real mink eyelash extension is one of the boutique lash extension for the person who really care about the quality of life.We use the real young aged mink fur from annual falling.And we collect them ,then check it one by one.It must fix to the thickness and quality as we need.Read More
  • Synthetic Mink Eyelash Extensions

    Synthetic Mink Eyelash Extensions

    synthetic mink eyelash extensions has superior eyelash material, soft silky lightsome and comfortable, after grafting eyes immediately bloom bright and beautiful, each eyelash twinkle more enchanting and moving.Read More
  • 3D Mink Lash Extensions

    3D Mink Lash Extensions

    ​3d mink lash extensions use 100% real mink fur to do the production,we collected the mink fur from young mink,which isd 1 to 2 years old,because the fur is more glossy and shining.We collect the mink fur when minks fall their fur every year.We used for 3d mink lash extension...Read More
  • Mink Cluster Lashes

    Mink Cluster Lashes

    There is 3D,4D,5D,6D,7D,8D,9D,10D and 20D, for mink cluster lashes for you to choose.Mink cluster lashes is a new and fashionable product that which helps your eyes looks longer and more lashes of your own natural lashes. They are single strands of mink clusterRead More
  • 3D Silk Eyelashes Extension

    3D Silk Eyelashes Extension

    3D silk eyelashes Extension has the ciliary trichiasis and its softness and comfort, natural thick grafting, delineate the depth of the eyes, show the mature and intellectual charm of women. Selected fine silk material, soft texture, no burden after grafting.Read More
  • Silk Eyelashes Extension

    Silk Eyelashes Extension

    Silk eyelashes extension compare to the mink lashes extension,it is more reasonable price,so that you can wear more times,and you can have more choices for the color as well,like blue,brow,black,yellow , orange,red ,and so on.Read More
  • Natural Silk Eyelash Extensions

    Natural Silk Eyelash Extensions

    Eyelash length: 8mm 9mm 10mm 11mm 12mm 13mm 14mm seven options.
    Warping: options for JBCD,
    Roughness: 0.20J volume 0.20B volume 0.20C volume 0.20D volume four choices.
    Read More
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