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Human Hair Eyelash Extensions Black

Human Hair Eyelash Extensions Black

Eyelash length: 8/9/10/11/12/mm Eyelash thickness: 0.07mm Specification of siberian mink eyelash extensions: a box of 12 rows, one box of length, can be grafted 15-20 times

Product Description:

Soft, comfortable, more realistic, more natural, super-fine workmanship, 24 hours to keep the charming electric eye. Our eyelashes extensions make your eyes brighter and more beautiful. Whether party dating, stage performances, nightclub carnival, or shopping, personal selfies, wedding photography, it can help you show your goddess-like temperament.

Product Features:

Carefully clean each eyelash, then use a special tape to cut the eye according to the curvature of the eye and stick it under the eyes, mainly to prevent the glue from sticking to the skin. They can be matched with different lengths according to the curvature and length of their eyelashes.

* When you stick the eyelashes, you will be a little nervous, because the pointed scorpion will work on the eyelids, but if the eyelids are tight, it will cause trouble to graft the eyelashes, so try to relax.

* Compare false eyelashes with your eye line length, trim to suitable length and width and add glue along the false eyelash root with cotton bud, then hold the eyelash on the root of your natural lashes with pressure.

* Moreover, our lashes offer professional quality as we are detailed oriented for the perfect eyelash shape. These lashes are made with 100% high quality human hair. Most of all these lashes are light weight, easy to apply.

* We are certified with the ISO 9001 quality system, FSC, continuous quality control, blameless quality control systems and integral laboratory and test machines to ensure the best quality. Cause we will always be your most trustworthy partner before sales, during sales and after sales, if you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us, we will be the first time to reply you with solutions.


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