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Mink Individual Lashes

About mink individual lashes, it is very easy, even if you don't wear makeup, your eyes sparkle as if they were eyeliner.

It is very easy, even if you don't wear makeup, your eyes sparkle as if they were eyeliner.


Fall in love with beautiful Mink individual lashes, eyelash grafting can according to different consumer preferences, and choose their own, and the solution architect also integrated the eyelash root to individual consumers to provide consumers with the best eyelash grafting design.

For example, the middle is longer or the tail is longer, and then the thickness is thicker or the number of natural roots. Both can be adjusted. It is so irregular before grafting that after grafting you can actually have beautiful eyes without much make-up.

Our individual lashes really convenient for busy office workers or students and people who don't know much about make-up. Even the eyes look natural and beautiful after applying makeup.

If you are habitual rubbing your eyes, it is suggested that a little before grafting for beautiful eyelash division clear, the beauty of the general solution grafting eyelash, because technology does not reach the designated position, or the problem of glue, if after grafting eyelashes rubbing your eyes often can cause itself eyelash is easier to fall, grafting eyelash also will slowly drop.

Fall in love with the unique technique of trichiasis eyelash grafting, so that you are not worried about the trouble of rubbing your eyes will also fall off. Of course, it is not always possible to fall off. Mink individual lashes is periodic. Also can fall off along with oneself eyelash, as to the degree of shedding, everybody is different. Fall to a certain degree to be about to go back to fill or discharge, otherwise it have a bit embarrassed, be like to drop not even when the left and right eyelashes will be asymmetric.


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