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Siberian Mink Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash length: 8/9/10/11/12/mm
Eyelash thickness: 0.07mm
Specification of siberian mink eyelash extensions: a box of 12 rows, one box of length, can be grafted 15-20 times

siberian mink eyelash extensions

Eyelash length: 8/9/10/11/12/mm

Eyelash thickness: 0.07mm

Specification :a box of 12 rows, one box of length, can be grafted 15-20 times

Note: the price tag is one box price

Silk protein, fine grafting ferret hair single root


1. Soft heart breakthrough, the softness reaches the level of wind blowing

2. Matte flat hair, firm grafting, saving time.

3. Double tip tongue tip, natural and three-dimensional effect

Thicker than round hair

4. Imported wool, with uniform tips and tight roots

Siberian mink eyelash extensions are now valued by female friends. The ability to have long, thick eyelashes has been a woman's dream. Siberian mink eyelash extensions with high requirements to jointly create brand products, timely update and maintain the advanced technology, for the majority of aimei customers to bring more fashionable and safe eyelash grafting products!

This kind of dense row is flat wool design, the root has been compressed flat technology, but the traditional grafting eyelashes, the cross-section surface of the root is circular, flat wool technology is easier to graft in the process of false eyelash grafting. No matter how good the advertisement is, it is not as good as everyone's recognition. If you are willing to believe me, I would like you to effect and strength the product.

It's really trustworthy! It is the easiest way for babies to look stylish and stylish. Spend a bit of thought on the small wear of everyday, choose a suitable false eyelash, can have different beauty certainly!

Mink hair is an extremely soft eyelash. After grafting, it is very soft and comfortable, in addition to making the eyelashes thick and long. So in general, the best grafting effect is the mink hair.

Our false eyelashes for grafting are the essence of 3D three-dimensional craftsmanship. The roots are distinct, the beautiful is not knotted, the real eyelashes are simulated, and the high-level craftsmanship is multi-layered. This is the most secret secret of our false eyelashes.
Soft, comfortable, more realistic, more natural, the elf-like temperament between the eyelashes, super-fine workmanship, 24 hours to keep the charming electric eye, the latest 3D false eyelashes make your eyes brighter and more beautiful. Whether party dating, stage performances, nightclub carnival, or shopping, personal selfies, wedding photography can show your goddess-like temperament.

Eyelash grafting step

Carefully clean each eyelash, then use a special tape to cut the eye according to the curvature of the eye and stick it under the eyes, mainly to prevent the glue from sticking to the skin.
False eyelashes are glued to the original eyelashes one by one. They can be matched with different lengths according to the curvature and length of their eyelashes.
When you stick the eyelashes, you will be a little nervous, because the pointed scorpion will work on the eyelids, but if the eyelids are tight, it will cause trouble to graft the eyelashes, so try to relax.
Before grafting, use the eyelash treatment solution to treat the false eyelashes first, then start grafting. There are several points in the grafting; the roots cannot be lifted, and each false eyelash is attached to a real eyelash.
Check and blow dry. After the grafting is completed, first check whether the shape of the two eyes is uniform and whether the number of the roots is consistent. Is there a false eyelash that sticks to a few real eyelashes, and if so, separate them in time. If there is no problem, blow dry with a hair dryer.


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