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Short Human Hair Eyelashes

Our short human hair eyelashes is real hair will have a soft and meticulous experience when you wear it.

Our short human hair eyelashes is real hair will have a soft and meticulous experience when you wear it.


False eyelashes are a way to make your eyes look more radiant, significantly increasing the length and thickness of natural eyelashes. Each of our eyelashes is hand-crafted, with attention to detail and professional quality at a reasonable price. It is particularly worth noting that our eyelashes use the highest quality 100% natural human hair.

Pure hand - made to create a durable new delicate radian.

Our short human hair eyelashes can be used repeatedly.  If correct wear and maintain , the lashes can be used repeatedly.


Lashes. Props for short human hair eyelashes

Clip: namely assist a device, assist a device to have a variety of, the false eyelash of single bundle is indispensable, use the help of clip son, false eyelash sticks more convenient, rapid.

Small scissors: the whole row of short human hair eyelashes that just bought back must be clipped to accord with the length of the eye shape, delicate little scissors can accurate clip, very convenient!

Eyelash glue:you have to choose mucous consistency is moderate.Now, there is a kind of black eyelash glue. Pls do not need to worry there is white residue after affixing eyelid, and it is very natural.

A variety of USES for short human hair eyelashes:

Cut it in half and use it to stick to the back end of the eye.

Cut it into a pinch, one piece at a time, hold tweezers to attach it to the lash line at intervals, natural and lovely!

Stage makeup and performance, big and thick eyes!

Although the false eyelashes are delicate and delicate, they are very fragile, so be careful when using them. To follow the direction of the eyelashes refer to gently remove it. It can also be used to bend back the box with the false eyelashes to make it fall naturally.
Most of the false eyelashes will be a little longer than the actual eye size. After getting the false eyelashes, compare their actual size, then cut off the extra parts.

Methods for removing eyelashes:

Gently lift the lash line with your fingernails, then gently lift it with your fingertips.

With bunion, index finger tip will false eyelash begin to pull gently from inside eye corner place, gimmick wants gentleness, careful. Used false eyelash, want to get rid of above adhesive, put in a box neatly. In this way, the curve of false eyelashes can remain unchanged, so as to be used many times. In addition, must pay attention not to stick eye shadow powder, eyelash fluid to false eyelash on, can stain otherwise, damage false eyelash

Maintenance of false eyelashes
The used false eyelashes should be removed from the adhesive and neatly packed into the box. Be careful not to put eye shadow powder, eyelashes
The cream and the like stick to the false eyelashes, otherwise it will stain and destroy the false eyelashes.

Our company not only inherits the advanced management concept, rich production experience and strong technical force, but also observes the market with a more keen eye, develops the market with a more unique perspective, changes according to market requirements, and has repeatedly developed the same industry. Trend products have always been the leading company in the same industry.

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Factory direct production, pure manual production, high quality, low price, fast delivery.

2. About after-sales service

Products of our company the production of the magazine have workers work number labeling, such as product quality problems, quality problems can be based on the work number labeling to find workers, so the product quality guaranteed from the production management


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