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False eyelash pasting
Jul 04, 2018

Apply a little adhesive on the rim of the false eyelash, because the two ends are easy to fall off. The dosage should be slightly more. The adhesive should not stick to the false eyelashes.

Then coat your eyelashes with a layer of mascara. The length of your eyes should be measured before applying the adhesive. If it is too long, you need to prune false eyelashes. Apply the tweezers to the false eyelashes and apply them carefully when applying the adhesive. When the adhesive is dry, the adhesive force is strongest. After about 5 seconds, when the adhesive is fast drying, the false eyelashes should be bent and softened. Then, the eyes look at the mirror, adjust the angle of the false eyelashes, gently press the false eyelashes along the eyelash roots. Press your hands for about 10 seconds to make the genuine and false eyelashes fully knead.

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