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The lifecycle of eyelashes
Jul 04, 2018

The number of eyelashes on the human eye is 100~150 on the face and 5~75 on the lower face. It is about 6~12 millimeters long. Usually, children's eyelashes are long, curved and nice.

Eyelashes are constantly updated, and their average life expectancy is only 3~5 months. A new eyelash can grow in about 1 weeks after falling off, reaching the maximum length in 10 weeks.

If eyelashes grow in the direction of the eye, they will touch the eyeball, causing tears and pain, which can lead to poor eyesight. An eyelid is often caused by a variety of eye diseases. There is a positive treatment for the ciliary. Prevention of eyelid is mainly about eye hygiene to prevent eye diseases.

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