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Magnetic Mink Lashes

Sharpening style, extremely fine manual sharpening, satin like exquisite, cost than ordinary eyelashes higher.

Sharpening style

 extremely fine manual sharpening, satin like exquisite, cost than ordinary eyelashes higher.


A. sharpening processing head, eyelash is the root of the traditional, single cylinder, looks heavy, radian too rigid, and by sharpen sharpen eyelash, head department head sharpening, there will be more simulation, the effect of wear up more natural.

B. It can be bristled, and the sharpening eyelashes will be bristled as a whole -- making each eyelash smooth and soft. Therefore, the material for sharpening magnetic mink lashes is much better than that for non-sharpening eyelashes. The same eyelashes are handmade products.

C. The raw materials are all imported silk, which is very expensive and the process is very complicated.

D. Stalks soft technology, superb sharpen technology equipped with stems are also extremely soft. Plastic stem is divided into hard and soft and sharpen eyelash are using soft line terrier.

To girl, lashes is the dream, like a pair of cattail leaf fan, and long eyelash make you beautiful and charming. Asian people are thin and short, naturally it become necessary makeup false eyelash. But the magne  is every girl's nightmare, because it is sticky,and also coating on the eyelid, thick, hard, such as a layer of white glue dry very ugly, and not very strong, You must have had such a predicament, false eyelash off at the front of boyfriend . The most serious is that a lot of sister eyelash is allergic, and i used to be with friends, and models to participate in business activities. Several teams rubber allergy model for the show shall affix eyelash, an event shows that eyes red and swollen, disfigured, to beautiful women suffer very much.Now, a popular in China, magnetic mink lashes become women’s artifact,

Listen to the name of the black science and technology ,and it is very interesting.This eyelash is done using magnetic wear, don't need a bit of glue,.Also,the wear process is simple, just need to upper and lower two pieces of false eyelash on own really eyelashes.In 2 seconds, it can wear.So make up in the morning to go out from now on will no longer be late because magnetic mink lashes is like a feather, completely without any uncomfortable feeling, do not glue eyelid liberation.

Our fake eyelashes are hand-made, lightweight, and can be worn with very fast eyelashes in a matter of seconds, while you don't have to worry about damaging your eye makeup. The eyelashes are made of magnetic technology and can be effectively absorbed on your eyelashes. The fixing effect is very good, unless you remove it yourself, otherwise it will not fall.
Many people always worry about material problems when choosing eyelashes. Our eyelashes use harmless materials and are strictly controlled and 100% safe and reliable. There is no need to worry about allergic people. Our false eyelashes have been hypoallergenic and the hair does not contain any harmful substances. Even if you wear them all day, it will not harm your skin and eyes.
Our eyelashes are magnetic and do not contain glue and do not contaminate the eyelashes with chemicals.
Our eyelashes are designed to be natural and natural, leaving you feeling stress-free and heavy, and you may forget about it even after a long time.
Due to the high quality of the magnetic technology, our eyelashes can be reused, as long as you care for it, it can be used for more than a few months.

How to use:
The first step is to remove the eyelashes from the box with the eyelash curler or with clean fingers. Be careful when handling the procedure.
The second step is to fit the root of the eyelashes to your own lash root.
The third step is to connect each magnetic strip of the eyelashes to ensure that the eyelashes are fixed and will not fall off.

How to remove:
Gently slide the two magnetic eyelashes with your index finger and thumb.
Do not tear directly, this will not only damage the false eyelashes, but also damage your natural eyelashes.


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