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3D Mink Eyelashes For Full Eye

3D Mink Eyelashes For Full Eye

When you take 3d real mink eyelashes out of the box, gently pull it out with your hand along the direction of the eyelashes. When removing from the eyelid, hold the false eyelash in the middle and quickly pull down.

Product Features:

- Handcrafted by our workers, so each pair of our 3d lashes are very well made, it is easy to apply and these lashes last longer and can be re-worn more times with dramatic volume and glamorous length.

Our lashes are very soft and comfortable to wear. The thickness of the false eyelashes is 0.11 and it feels like human natural false eyelash.

- Suitable for party or professional application like wedding, event, photo shoot, night out use. This natural lash gives your eyes natural look effect to make your eyes bigger than usual. Our mink strip lashes are imported mink hair, like wings, natural and easy to wear, especially comfortable. 

- Ultra-lightweight, you won't feel like you are wearing false eyelashes at all, suitable for professional application like wedding event and photo shoot and night out or daily daytime use. Your eyes will look brighter and larger in just seconds. When taken care of well, these lashes can be used again and again, saving you money.

- To prove how confident we are in our product, if you are not completely satisfied with your lashes, we will refund your purchase with no exception. We could introduce latest styles of eyelashes to you.We do both OEM and ODM. And we will always be your most trustworthy partner before sales, during sales and after sales.

How to remove false eyelashes?

When removing false eyelashes, gently unload, do not tear forcibly. When tearing, try to get close to the root of the eyelashes, before tearing, first use the hand to distinguish the false eyelash, make sure you are holding false eyelash, not true eyelash. Tear in the eye from the end of the eye. If you want to prolong the life of false eyelashes, it is better not to use eye make-up remover.


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