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Faux Mink Strip Lashes

Faux mink strip lashes is the real mink eyelashes.We used the real mink fur to make the eyelashes.The mink fur is from the young aged mink,the mink fur falls every year.We will collect it and use it to make the eyelashes.

It is not the real mink eyelashes.We used the synthetic  to make it instead of real mink .The faux mink srtip lashes is soft,natural,and light.It is a volume looking which has more 3D effect.The thickness of the lash is thinner than 0.05mm.So it looks more close to your real eyelashes.

The faux mink strip lashes make your eyes looks bigger and more attractive.It normally use for going night club,party,and dating as well.


Faux Mink Strip lashes Manufacturer —— Headlayer

Our eyelashes are hand-made to create a beautiful and glamorous look for your eyes, and each pair of eyelashes is sterilized to ensure good quality and safety. This eyelash is soft and natural, easy to use, comfortable, chemical-free, hypoallergenic, and free of chemical residues. If used properly and removed, it can be reused without great discomfort.


This Faux Mink Strip Lashes has the right amount of curl and 3D effect to increase your eyes and make your eyes more attractive. You can trim your eyelashes to fit your eye contours
The eyelashes are chemical-free and look fluffy and natural and do not irritate the eyes.

The MOQ is 50 pairs,you can also mix with few models together.Since we have more than 300 models for you to choose.If your order is reach to 100 pairs,your own logo is also acceptable.We can make the logo paste on the boxes as you like.And OEM packing might be 500 pairs to make the specially box for you with all printed or gilding logo or design for yourself only.

 Tip on how to use eyelashes:

1. Remove the eyelashes from the eyelash box with a tool or a clean finger.
2. You can choose the length and density of the eyelash according to your eye makeup, and if necessary, you can trim it to the length you want.
3. Apply a glue to the root of the eyelashes with a cotton swab.
4. Apply a thin layer of mascara to the entire lash root. Use a clean fingertip or tweezers to place the false eyelashes directly on the root of the natural lash line and apply the force a little tightly. Squeeze the eyelashes with tweezers or fingertips and let the eyelashes dry on the eyelids for about 5-10 seconds., and subsequent touches with the eye makeup will make your eyelashes more natural.


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