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How To Remove The Glue On The False Eyelashes
Jul 04, 2018

Step 1: prepare a clean cotton piece and place the used false eyelash carefully on the cotton piece.

Step 2: take a cotton stick, cover the eye and lip makeup remover, and then apply it to the root of the false eyelash.

Step 3: use cotton stick to smear with a little effort, so that you can smoothly pull down some residual glue.

Step 4: if you have stubborn glue, you can pull it down with your fingers.

Step 5: the eyelash part of the false eyelash is very fragile, so we must act gently. Turn over and smear it again. Clean up the false eyelashes one by one.

Step 6: pull the cotton stick back and forth until there is no color to pull down, and there is no sticky on the stem. Then use a clean cotton pad to gently press and wipe.

Step 7: handle the false eyelashes on the clean cotton piece and dry them slightly.

Step 8: finally, save the cleaned false eyelashes.