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Mascara Part Material Of False Eyelashes
Jul 04, 2018

The part of the eyelash of false eyelashes is divided into hard stems, middle soft stems and soft cotton stalks. Each has its own advantages according to different materials.

(1) soft cotton stalk

It is pure hand - made, extremely soft, almost without feeling in use, and the effect is very natural and comfortable, but it may not be well controlled when the curve of false eyelashes is bent; recommends the novice to practice more.

(2) middle soft pedicel

As the name suggests, it is between hard and soft peduncle. There is no big problem when using it. The small defect is to use false eyelash glue more than others.

(3) hard stem

The hard stem is usually made in mass production of machines, usually with a sense of foreign body when worn, but the advantage of this section is that it has a beautiful arc and does not need to be specially adjusted, and it will not take place at the end of the eye and head.