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Synthetic False Eyelashes

Synthetic false eyelashes is naturally dense and used for many times.
and it is simple, comfortable, natural and easy to use.

synthetic false eyelashes

Synthetic false eyelashes is naturally dense and used for many times.

and it is simple, comfortable, natural and easy to use.


It is very natural and comfortable for synthetic false eyelashe,and thick and slender design, from the center to the outer corners of the eyelash line. The comfortable and realistic effect naturally opens your eyes and gives you the lightness of nude makeup.Instantly achieve beautiful eyes and beautiful people, add self-attraction, make you look more spiritual.

The length and curvature of the false eyelashes can vary from person to person, and various effects can be designed according to different eye types and different needs to achieve the desired length and curvature. After the completion, the eyes shine, giving people a feeling of bright eyes.

The eyes are the windows of the soul. The most important part of a makeup is the eye makeup. It can have thick and long eyelashes. This one can give you extra points. But most people's eyelashes are not so good, so we have to use false eyelashes.

Synthetic false eyelashes use cotton line black terrier is softer than common eyelash.It is more comfortable and durable.

Many fashionable ladies like to use fake eyelashes to beautify their eyes. The correct use will make the eyes look beautiful, and vice versa. Sticking false eyelashes should pay attention to skills, it is true or false! The eyelashes that are posted in this way look good.

The fake eyelashes that have just been bought are too beautiful, very unnatural, and should not be applied as they are, and must be properly trimmed. When trimming, the false eyelashes of both eyes must be dense and dense. You can also cut a false eyelash into two halves and stick it on the part you want to strengthen, such as the outer corner of the eye and the center of the eyelid. If you want your eyes to look closer, stick a paragraph in it; if you want to appear to leave some, just stick a paragraph on the outer corner of your eye.

Eyelashes that are similar in color and density to your own eyelashes can be used. Women who wear eyes should not choose eyelashes that are too dense, so as not to feel uncomfortable after wearing them.
Prohibited from use in allergic reactions
Eyes with wounds are prohibited from using false eyelashes to avoid infection.
After pasting, draw eyeliner and apply mascara to achieve consistency.


synthetic false eyelashes are a kind of eye adornment. The design of art is applied to eye ministry. Eyelash blinks between show the temperament like dream,and design is permeable model. The colour that shoots eyelash falls on the face. Fashionable ladies like to use Synthetic false eyelashes to beautify their eyes, correct use will make them lovely. False eyelash although slender beautiful, but also fragile, accordingly, when using, want careful.

Film and television eyelashes: after wear, the stereo feeling of the eye is very apparent, suit to photograph makeup, stage makeup. Individual eyelash: it is the eyelash that a kind of design is distinctive, reveal individual character, compare a few other kinds longer, more close, apply to drama, stage performance or special makeup look. Cross-simulation human eyelashes: after wearing, very natural, suitable for bride makeup, natural makeup, etc., too many models, not a list. The color of false eyelash chooses to make false eyelash and oneself eyelash knead together appear natural, should choose to suit oneself.

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